PQR stands for Pythagorean Quantum Relativity:

Pythagorean - Pertaining to the teachings of Pythagoras that “All Is Number” and to the geometrical theorem bearing his name.
Quantum - Reflecting the ultimate indivisibility of everything.
Relativity - Denoting Einstein’s theories of the equivalence of Matter and Energy, and the interrelationship of Space and Time.


  • The Universe is a property of the Natural numbers (1, 2, 3, and so on). The progression of these numbers defines every event, past, present or future, that has occurred or will occur in the history of the Universe, from its earliest origin throughout all future time.
  • Lower numbers are associated with earlier times in the history of the Universe, larger numbers with later times.
  • The Universe had a single point of origin, associated with the number 1.
  • The Natural numbers go on for ever and so will the Universe.
  • The physical substance of the Universe (Matter and Energy) consists of the information contained in the Natural numbers.
  • At any time, the Universe contains only a finite amount of information.
  • Space and Time represent the relationships between the Natural numbers.
  • The laws of physics reflect the mathematical relationships between the numbers defining the various events occurring in the Universe. For example, the statement that photons travel at the speed of light reflects the space-time relationship between the numbers defining the emission of a photon and those defining its absorption.
  • The space-time continuum does not exist. Space and Time are not infinitely divisible, and only exist because of the presence of matter and energy, and because of changes in these elements.

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As of now, PQR Theory is a mere idea. Its formulations of Matter, Energy, Space and Time are not yet defined. But its goal is to use the Natural numbers to formulate concepts that will behave in the same ways as Matter, Energy, Space and Time have been observed to operate in the physical Universe. If and when such formulations are obtained, they should be able to generate the Periodic Table of the Elements, which would provide a convincing verification of PQR Theory. Hopefully this website will help achieve that goal. Until then, however, we are in the realm of the speculative.

UPDATE, OCTOBER 27, 2017: My long-awaited book PQR Theory: How One Can Create a Universe is now available! Click here for details.

UPDATE, DECEMBER 31, 2017: Now also available on Kindle!

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