Here are some articles introducing various aspects of PQR Theory. I hope you find them interesting. I have tried to be informative rather than rigorous: they are meant to be explanations, not proofs. PQR Theory is a work in progress, so expect these articles to be amended and new ones added as time permits.  Please check back periodically for updates.

 The Origins of PQR: How it all got started

 Why PQR? The classical, the huge and the tiny

 What is Information? You may well ask

 Shaving Schrödinger's Cat: Applying Occam's Razor to physics

 Unreal Numbers: Part I and Part II: Why the "Real" numbers aren't

 Free Will and Determinism: How PQR reconciles these incompatibles

 Are We Sims? Reality might be virtual

 Does God Exist? The choice is yours

 Questions and Answers Nothing too serious

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